How Not To Get Skin Problems in This Winter While Waxing

Waxing is a luxury that the best spa in Ottawa provides in order for you to maintain the body image that you desire and deserve.  But skin problems can result from the waxing process.  We have collected some of the best spa in Ottawa tips to help you prevent skin problems this winter.

Clean And Exfoliate Your Skin

The first step that you can take is to clean your skin before you wax.  Make sure you have properly showered and are free of sweat or anything else.  Your technician will appreciate this too. Along with a simple cleaning you should exfoliate your skin before and after the treatment.  This will help to reduce the amount of dead skin cells that you have on your body and the chances of getting pimples/ingrown hairs.


Moisturizing after your waxing can help to reduce the chance that you will have inflammation or itching after a waxing session.  A soothing, moisturizing lotion works best.  Another option is to seek a moisturizer that uses Aloe Vera, which is well known to treat irritation and redness of all kinds. An over-the-counter cortisone cream can also help to prevent any kind of infection or bumps from forming.

Don’t Use A Hot Tub After

Winter may tempt you to want to use the hot tub but you should avoid using a hot tub for up to 48 hours after your waxing.  This will help you to avoid getting those nasty bumps or any kind of infection that can come from being in the water.


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The Cold

You may not like the cold but it is great after you wax for preventing irritation.  Let your legs chill off if the temperature outside is cold.  If you live in a warmer climate, applying a cold washcloth or using cold water can help to relax the skin and prevent irritation.

With each of these tips you will better prepare yourself to reduce the skin problems you experience this winter after your waxing session.  The best spas in Ottawa give these tips to their clients to help them.  Now you can use them to help you and your friends.